Take a Swim: Top Pools, Lakes and Ponds in and around Vienna

Surviving summer in the city is not easy. Especially in a city like Vienna, where 98 percent of the flats have no AC… Even if you want to buy it on your own, you will most likely get a big, fat NO from your landlord. The best way to cool off in those cases is… Read more »

Planet Pink is Calling – Visiting Las Coloradas

It was a day when our planet Earth felt like planet Pink. It started with waking up in the most charming pink hotel Rosas & Xocolate in Merida, the capital of Yucatan. Sissi stepped on the gas of our beloved Nissan Sentra (rented car we used for exploring Yucatan), and already in 3 hours we… Read more »

Travel Hacks: What you need to know if you travel by plane

Hope that many of you are reading these lines while laying somewhere at the beach. And since it is vacation time, I thought to share some travel hacks. To be precise, our focus today is all about what you need to know if you travel by plane. How to protect your rights and make the most of… Read more »

A little party never killed nobody – Speakeasy in Hilton Vienna Plaza

A little party never killed nobody, so we gon’ dance until we drop A little party never killed nobody, right here, right now’s all we got! This song by Fergie was playing in my mind while my bestie Anja and I were creating pictures for this post. And it is also the perfect introduction to… Read more »

Hello Sinners – All the things you shouldn’t miss in Las Vegas

Hello Sinners! Have you ever been to Las Vegas? We haven’t been there either! At least not yet! But our dearest friend Sissi, that is also part of our Vienna Insider team and blog contributor, has. For all of you that might plan a trip, or wanna know what is up in that universe, Sissi… Read more »

The Best Ice-Cream in Vienna

It is not so easy to decide which is the best ice-cream in Vienna! There are many great places and constantly new parlors opening, so it is challenging to keep up the pace and stay updated with all the newcomers. This article is not about ratings, it is just about our personal preferences, after having… Read more »

Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world

“Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” is one of the most popular shoe related quotes out there. Someone say it is what Marilyn Monroe said, someone oppose, I guess it is hard to tell for sure. In any case, let me proudly introduce you to my “right shoes for… Read more »

Vienna’s Top Picnic Locations with GROM

What says summer more, than ice-cream and picnic? Or even better – gelato and picnic? Ice-cream and gelato, those two are different, because only gelato is the authentic Italian specialty. It has a soul, the flavor that takes you to my favorite European country of them all. Due to work, and simply life, I can’t… Read more »

CEWE Instawalk through Picture Perfect Viennese Cafes

So many of you loved our blog post about the most Instagrammable cafes in Vienna, so today it is time to show you a few more picture perfect Viennese cafes, that I got to visit during CEWE Instawalk, together with a few other fellow bloggers. Probably everyone already knows CEWE,  but just in case you… Read more »

Japanese in Vienna – Interview and Insider Tips from the Artist Manaho Shimokawa

In the previous post, I have introduced you to the “People of Vienna”, new section on the blog, where foreigners in Vienna will share their stories and authentic tips, about where you can experience their culture in the Austrian capital. The first in the row, is the story of a gorgeous Japanese in Vienna, multi-talented… Read more »

  • Discovering Serbia – Krupajsko Vrelo

    Deep in the woods, close to a village Milanovac in the East Serbia lies a breathtaking place – Krupajsko vrelo. Turquoise, ice-cold water and the mysterious cave, forming a heart-shaped reflection in the basin, will mesmerized you with its beauty. We have discovered this place on the internet and decided to visit it during our… Read more »

  • Tewa at Naschmarkt

    Tewa at Naschmarkt is a great choice if you are very hungry, but still want to have something healthy. We went here first time with our friend Borjana and really liked the place. The portions are quite generous, the food organic and super delicious. Their hummus  is delicious, so whenever eating at Tewa, we order some… Read more »

  • Weekend in Vršac

    A few weeks ago, we spent a weekend in beautiful little town Vršac, located in Banat in the North East of Serbia. Although a small town, Vršac has a great economic importance for its region – it is well know for the vineyards, pilot academy and Hemofarm Vršac – the pharmaceutical company, which is one of… Read more »

  • Barcelona Food Guide

    In June, I visited Barcelona for the first time, fell in love with the architecture, the spirit of the city and of course food. My lovely friend Ofelia, who has been living in Barcelona for a year, took me to her favorite restaurants and tapas bars during my stay. Most of them were located in… Read more »

  • Red Jumpsuit

    Isidora’s outfit: Jumpsuit (Zara), Shoes (Miu Miu), Sunglasses (Ray Ban) This red jumpsuit from Zara has been one of my favorite summer picks. Perfect for hot days and very easy to style, this was my choice for all of those occasions where you are in a rush and have no idea what to wear. What… Read more »

  • A day in Arandjelovac

    Escaping the city heat (it was above 40 degrees in Belgrade), my friend Maja and I headed to Arandjelovac, a city in central Serbia, around 80 km away from Belgrade. Our decision was quite spontaneous and we drove there late in the afternoon, so we didn’t have enough time to visit more sights nearby. Nevertheless… Read more »

  • Summer in Belgrade

    Hello everyone! How is your summer going so far? We left Vienna weeks ago, heading for Belgrade, our home city where we will be spending the holidays. We have traveled a lot so far all over the world, but we never really explored our home country. So that is what we planned for this year! 🙂… Read more »

  • Mexican Lunch at Santos Bar

    Summer days call for some exotic cuisine. Mexican lunch at Santos bar was a perfect choice for that hot day in Vienna. We met with our lovely friend  Borjana, author of an amazing fashion blog beeswonderland. If you are a fashion lover you really must check it out! This was our first time, but definitely… Read more »

  • Lisbon Guide

    Lisbon belongs to the gems of European capitals. One day in this gorgeous city was of course not nearly enough to explore it, but at least I got a glimpse into some of its treasures and decided to share with you my small Lisbon guide. My friend Ofelia and I headed to Lisbon from Porto,… Read more »

  • Top Things to See and Do in Porto

    It is very easy to fall in love with Porto, its colors, tiled buildings, cobbled streets, nostalgic atmosphere and the friendly people around you. In this post I will share with you some of the top things to see and do in Porto. The city is very picturesque and peaceful, charming and lovely. Even though… Read more »

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