Study in Vienna: Life in a dorm or a shared flat?

If you are planning to study in Vienna or temporary move here for an internship, or something else, most likely you will end up deciding between life in a dorm or a shared flat. Ok, it is also great if you can rent a flat for yourself, but we will cover that in some of… Read more »

True Spirit of the Viennese life: Our Stay at Hotel Altstadt Vienna

How does it feel to live in Vienna? What is the taste of the genuine Viennese “altbau” life? Life in a building constructed in 1902, gorgeous staircase, 4-meter ceilings and those beautiful tall windows and doors. Life with genuine neighbors, Viennese living next door. A stay at gorgeous boutique and heritage hotel Altstadt Vienna, makes… Read more »

A day in GREY – Magical T-Shirt That Nourishes Our Skin

This post my friends, is about a revelation. An illumination. A revelation that there is a t-shirt, that does good to your skin. Its name is GREY, and it is made of a revolutionary fabric, that nourishes the skin, while you wear it. I am a proud owner of this magical t-shirt and I am… Read more »

Gourmet Secrets of Brunnenmarkt – Insider Guide to the most colorful Viennese Market

She is a food stylist, recipe developer and an artist in the kitchen. And a layer to be. She travels the world discovering new flavors. She is in love with spices and chickpeas. And stuffed bell peppers. Her name is Nikolina and she will reveal us all the gourmet, top foodie secrets of Brunnenmarkt. As… Read more »

Take a Swim: Top Pools, Lakes and Ponds in and around Vienna

Surviving summer in the city is not easy. Especially in a city like Vienna, where 98 percent of the flats have no AC… Even if you want to buy it on your own, you will most likely get a big, fat NO from your landlord. The best way to cool off in those cases is… Read more »

Planet Pink is Calling – Visiting Las Coloradas

It was a day when our planet Earth felt like planet Pink. It started with waking up in the most charming pink hotel Rosas & Xocolate in Merida, the capital of Yucatan. Sissi stepped on the gas of our beloved Nissan Sentra (rented car we used for exploring Yucatan), and already in 3 hours we… Read more »

Travel Hacks: What you need to know if you travel by plane

Hope that many of you are reading these lines while laying somewhere at the beach. And since it is vacation time, I thought to share some travel hacks. To be precise, our focus today is all about what you need to know if you travel by plane. How to protect your rights and make the most of… Read more »

A little party never killed nobody – Speakeasy in Hilton Vienna Plaza

A little party never killed nobody, so we gon’ dance until we drop A little party never killed nobody, right here, right now’s all we got! This song by Fergie was playing in my mind while my bestie Anja and I were creating pictures for this post. And it is also the perfect introduction to… Read more »

Hello Sinners – All the things you shouldn’t miss in Las Vegas

Hello Sinners! Have you ever been to Las Vegas? We haven’t been there either! At least not yet! But our dearest friend Sissi, that is also part of our Vienna Insider team and blog contributor, has. For all of you that might plan a trip, or wanna know what is up in that universe, Sissi… Read more »

The Best Ice-Cream in Vienna

It is not so easy to decide which is the best ice-cream in Vienna! There are many great places and constantly new parlors opening, so it is challenging to keep up the pace and stay updated with all the newcomers. This article is not about ratings, it is just about our personal preferences, after having… Read more »

  • Spring in Schönbrunn

    Hello everyone! Spring finally came back to Vienna, so we got to enjoy a lot of sun in the past two days. The post was taken in the gardens of the palace Schönbrunn, one of our favorite places in Vienna! It is enjoyable for a walk and always an inspiring location for photo-shootings. There is also… Read more »

  • Palmenhaus at Burggarten

    Palmenhaus in Burggarten in Vienna, a beautiful Jugendstil building in the past used by the Emperor Franz Joseph, today houses a sophisticated restaurant, whose bright interiors and tastes can only amaze you. Sitting under a fifteen meter high ceiling, surrounded by exotic plants in one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) greenhouse… Read more »

  • Breakfast at Marco Simonis

    Marco Simonis was on our must-visit list ever since we saw one of their baguettes on Instagram, and later on the web after reading about their interesting concept of “urban appetite”. Namely, Marco Simonis is a fusion of a bakery-restaurant and a gourmet grocery store. In addition, they have an atelier with designer furniture and home decor. Beautiful… Read more »

  • Laxenburg Romance

    Just around 20km South from the center of Vienna, in a little town Laxenburg you will encounter the most charming park with a lake and a small castle Franzensburg. If you, as we did, visit this fairy-tale place during the week, you will definitely get the best of it, since there will be very few… Read more »

  • Bliss

    Hello everyone! The new fashion post is finally here! We took these pictures in the garden surrounding the castle Franzensburg in Laxenburg, a little town nearby Vienna (a special post about this gorgeous place is coming soon so stay tuned 🙂 ). White is probably my favorite color to wear, matches anything and makes your… Read more »

  • Keep calm and visit Belgrade

    Let’s say, you are living in Vienna, and the weekend is coming up. You would love to travel somewhere, experience something new, party, meet people, but booking a flight ticket, hotel, looking for the appropriate location and all those things require a lot of time management. Plus, it can be pretty damaging for your wallet…. Read more »

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Beijing

    Hello everyone! As you may know, we recently returned from Beijing, where we had amazing time. Today we prepared for you a list of our top 10 things to do in Beijing. Off we go, we are hoping that you will like our suggestions and pictures! 1. Walk around Tian’an Men Square and the Forbidden City Located… Read more »

  • Postcard from Beijing

    Ni hao everyone with a postcard from Beijing! Our blog has been silent for a long time, due to our trip to China. Unfortunatelly, we couldn’t access our blog Vienna Insider in Beijing, so we weren’t able to report you live from our trip. We were really sorry about that, because we would love to have some… Read more »

  • Stadtpark Spring Edition

    There are many beautiful parks in Vienna, where you can hang out and enjoy the sun in warm spring days. One of them is Stadtpark, an English landscape garden, just a couple of minutes walk from the very center of Vienna (or if you are taking the subway, it is U4 stop Stadtpark). After the… Read more »

  • Sakai – taste of Japan

    After our post from Setagayapark, we decided to continue with the Japanese theme and introduce you Sakai – an extraordinary restaurant in the 8th district, where you can indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine. Last week, we had a huge pleasure to meet dear ViennaEats – our favorite foodie in Vienna, for lunch (we warmly advise you to… Read more » Logo