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We created Vienna Insider back in 2014, with a goal to share our personal tips, experiences and impressions from the gorgeous Austrian capital Vienna with our worldwide readers. Our mission is to show you not merely touristy sights, cafes, corners and restaurants, but most of all cool insider places, that will make your your visit or life in Vienna a bit more interesting and inspiring. 🙂 We strongly believe that new places and experiences not only help us expand our horizons, but also add a fun factor to our everyday life.

Vienna Insider is our online space where we share our visual stories and useful information for all of you traveling to or living in Vienna. However the blog is not merely about Vienna. It is also about our travels, photography, lifestyle and a little bit of fashion. It is a mix of everything we like and consider interesting to share.

We are proud to say that over time, our Vienna Insider became one of top three personal blogs about Vienna (you can see this for yourself by Googling it), all thanks to to word of mouth, but mostly thanks to the immense support of our organic Instagram followers. Vienna Insider story unfolds since 2014, with new readers and followers, joining us along the way.

Our goal is to inspire people to explore their places of living, wherever that may be. Lets be curious, creative, avoid living a routine, embrace life and look for beauty in everything that surrounds us!

We are hoping that you will enjoy our pictures, find the blog helpful and get inspired!

Una and Anja

Una, MA – Founder, Photographer and Editor in Chief of Vienna Insider

Una is the founder, editor in chief, photographer and the main person behind Vienna Insider. A creative mind, multipotentionalite, polyglot, world traveler passionate about different cultures, Una always dreamed of having international education. After finishing IB diploma programme in her hometown Belgrade, Una did her Bachelor of Anthropology from the University of Tuebingen in Germany, and became Master of Arts in anthropology from the University of Vienna. Una’ main research field is Instagram, she specialized in Social Media Studies, Digital and Media Anthropology. She is working as social media expert (creating content, marketing strategies and managing social media of numerous world wide clients), and managing Vienna Insider along the way. Una is fluent in English, German, Russian, advanced in Spanish, intermediate in Italian and also speaks a little bit of French. She loves dogs, portrait photography, cooking and baking, eating out, exploring the world and always coming up with new ideas and plans. But most of all, Una loves her younger sister Isi, her family and friends. <3

Anja, Mag.Phil. – Content Creator and Editor of Vienna Insider

Belgrade-born multitasker, Anja holds the Magister degree of Journalism and Communication from the University of Vienna. Since 2015 Anja, Una’s best friend also became a member of Vienna Insider team. She is a content creator, assisting in photo styling, product placement, project implementation, being both behind and in front of the lens. With her contagious positive energy, charm and professional approach, Anja’s help represents an immense contribution to the projects done for this blog. Open, quick learner, communicative and hard working, Anja is also helping the team by giving advise, sharing the highlights, as well has minor hardships of the fabulous (and the not so fabulous :D) blogger life.

Sissi, M.A. – Contributor and Editor of Vienna Insider

Master of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Vienna, Una’s Mexican twin, colleague and team member of Vienna Insider since January 2015. As an immensely talented and passionate writer, Sissi has been creating articles and content for Vienna Insider. Moreover, she has been supporting the team and being a genuine partner in crime on numerous Viennese-based and worldwide adventures that took the Vienna Insider team to Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia and Italy. She speaks English, Spanish and German, loves writing, nerding, environmentalism, charity works, reading, organic cosmetics, dogs, traveling. Sissi is a reliable team member, that Vienna Insider is proud to have!

Isidora, B.A. – ex Junior Editor of Vienna Insider

Una’s younger sister, known as Isi, Bachelor of Arts in economics. Our dearest Isi is not active within Vienna Insider project anymore, but we still want to introduce you with her, since Isi was one of the founders of our Vienna Insider!

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