Those of you who are using the subway in Vienna have probably sometimes noticed an billboard for Seegrotte bei Hinterbrühl. The picture of a mysterious cave with a lake and a boat floating on it, looked so unusual and made us want to visit. This place is actually quite close to Vienna (maybe half an hour drive from the city center), which makes it an ideal location for a short excursion and escape in the nature.

Together with our dear friends, we decided to turn one usually super boring Sunday (day when the city of Vienna sleeps) into a fun day. Our first stop was Seegrotte. Even though the lady selling entrance tickets, was not in the mood that day, the cave tour guide was! This gentleman was so funny and cheerful, and made our visit to the cave very enjoyable. He told us a story about the history of this place, which was used for production of airplanes in the second World War, for mining gypsum, as well as storing guns. The best part of the tour (that lasts around 45 minutes) was of course the boat ride. The lake inside was so mysterious and quite large. Seegrotte is actually the largest underground lake in Europe!

Also a fun thing to know is that you can organize a wedding party at Seegrotte! How cool is that? If you are looking for something really unique, this might be just the right spot. Beach is so overrated, so lets get married in a cave! 😀

Una and Isi

PS: For more information about how to get to Seegrotte and other details, check their website here.


Written by Vienna Insider

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