Have you ever been to Justizpalast – the Palace of Justice in Vienna? From the outside, maybe this building won’t draw your attention, because there are so many beautiful buildings around, so this one doesn’t stand out much. But once you step inside, you will find yourself in probably the most impressive interior you will find in Vienna. Melting staircase, dominated by the statue of Lady Justice, the wall decorations, pastel colors and the beautiful light shining in from the glass ceiling, will leave you breathless.

Few people actually know, that this building is open for public entrance and thanks to this, it is not invaded by tourists. After passing the security check, you can enter and take pictures (this is totally legal). However do not forget that you are inside a formal institution, so freaking out when it comes to pictures and exploring the building on your own, will cause the rage of the security guy who is closely looking on every step you take. Believe us when we say, that it is better not to provoke his patience, because this guy is never happy to see random visitors (if he happens to read this post someday, we are sending our kind regards to him :)). Only the bravest ones will dare to try to climb the stairs and get that gorgeous shot. We tried once, accompanied with a few more friends from Instagram, and well, as you can see yourself, we didn’t manage to take that shot, again thanks to the security guy. 😀

After taking a look at this gorgeous palace, take the elevator and head up to the 5th floor to Justizcafe. The cafe is very much like a canteen, mostly occupied by people working in the Palace of Justice. There you can have lunch or coffee, but the best of all is the view over Vienna, which you can admire from the balcony of this cafe.

So next time when you are wondering where to go for a coffee, or want to impress a friend with an insider location, you know where to go! 🙂


Una and Isi

Justizpalast – The Palace of Justice
Address: Schmerlingplatz 10, 1010 Vienna
Opening times: Monday-Friday 07-16:30h


Written by Vienna Insider

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