Moscow was on top of my travel list ever since my childhood. I dreamed of standing at the Red Square, admiring the beauty of Saint Basil’s cathedral, which for me is one of the most amazing buildings in the whole world. I was looking forward to exploring the streets of this megalopolis, drive with the subway with most beautiful stations ever, mingle through the crowd, eat Soviet ice-cream while window shopping in the gorgeous department store GUM, walk around huge parks, visit the Armory museum to learn about Russian history and seeing all those stunning diamonds in the fund. But most of all I was eager to just meeting Russian people and their culture, because I have always felt so special about this enormous country. It was probably this innate affection towards everything Russian, that attracted so many Russian people to my life. Mostly throughout my studies in Germany I got to meet many people from this country and several of them became very special and dear friends to me. And exactly those friendships were the reason of my trip to Russia at the beginning of October. I think that everything happens for a reason, once the right time has come, so I was so glad that I waited for this long to visit my dream destination as a guest of my wonderful friends, because they made my stay truly unforgettable. Spending time with my lovely hosts, their families and friends, speaking my funny Russian, eating delicious homemade food made with love, drinking more tea that I ever drank in my life, enjoying the Russian hospitality and all those ordinary life moments made me feel like home. Needless to say, the whole experience made me love Russia and its people even more. And I must admit, I always knew that this would happen.

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from Moscow! And come back on Thursday for the next story from Russia! 🙂


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