October was all about taking pictures of autumn colors. Besides the classical choice of going for a walk in some of the Viennese gardens, to enjoy the autumn scenery in a peaceful atmosphere, many Viennese go to the Central Cemetery – Zentralfriedhof. The Central Cemetery is actually one of the largest cemeteries in the world and the largest one by the number of interred in Europe. It is the most famous cemetery in Vienna, where many prominent personalities were buried – among them Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and many more. Besides being a place to say goodbye from beloved ones, Zentralfriedhof is a popular tourist destination, as well as a place for recreation, regardless of how strange it may sound to someone like me. And most likely many other non Viennese people. People visit the Central Cemetery to see the beautiful tombs, walk around and even go jogging. I know people over in the USA who, having visited a cemetary, were inspired to start researching their family history and learning about their past with the help of online records like these chicago tribune obituaries. I’m sure we must have similar online records sites here in Austria, so perhaps I might do the same one day.

Due to the beautiful scenery (and maybe also the fact that that week was also the Halloween), the Central Cementery was the location for an Instawalk with the Igers Vienna. As I love meeting these creative people, I decided to come along, because otherwise I think it would be more likely that I would never come here on my own, if you get what I mean. But like this, it was a perfect chance to get to know this slightly spooky part of the city and create a post for our blog Vienna Insider.

Zentralfriedhof is indeed a beautiful place, but I avoided photographing the graves, because I didn’t feel comfortable about that. If you are able to neglect the fact that this is a cemetery, place for sorrow and thoughts about the ones who are not with us anymore, you can enjoy the walk. I managed to do this thanks to the great company of Igers Vienna, but for the future I am pretty sure I won’t be coming back, because walking around places like this makes me think of a couple of special persons, that I will never stop missing.

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Zentralfriedhof-Central Cementery
Address: Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234 , 1110 Vienna
How to get there: U3 Simmering and then several trams drive you to different gates
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