When is the cherry blossom time in Vienna? When can I see cherry blossoms, when do Magnolias in Vienna bloom… These are the questions we have been getting a lot at this time of the year. For this reason, we decided to write a blog post on the topic, for all of you blossom hunters out there!  🙂
Please bear in mind, that we are no botanical experts. What we are saying here is the result of pure observation throughout the years. And also we checked the dates when we took all the mentioned blossom shots, so the information are reliable.

Cherry blossom time in Vienna starts usually mid March. How long do they last depends on many factors, mostly weather conditions. Our friend Dusan, Master Engineer of Horticulture (so yes, a true expert!), once explained us that the warmer the weather, the sooner the blossoms bloom. Blossoms are (sadly) to be replaced by leaves. So as soon as you see more leaves appearing around the blossoms, hurry up with your shootings. If you wait too long, the blossoms will eventually fall off. The good thing is that cherry blossoms in Vienna bloom at different times. So you might get lucky to capture them, no matter when you visit. As long as that is between mid March and mid April. After that, it is hard to find them. But you will for sure encounter some other flowers, there are indeed many of them around the city. We will also address that topic in some of the upcoming posts.

Where to find cherry blossom in Vienna?

Obviously, they can be encountered all over the city, but in order to help you, we will share some locations that we visited so far.

  1. Hofmühlgasse in the 6th district is probably the first one cherry tree lane in Vienna that blossoms! The blossoms appear already second week of March. Check more infos and pictures in our post here.
  2. Stadtpark also has many cherry blossom trees of different sorts. This is also very close to the historic city center, so if you are in Vienna as a tourist, this place might be the most practical to check out. Full bloom is third and last week of March.
  3. Hainburger Weg in the third district is by far our favorite cherry tree lane in Vienna. Just look at the size of those blossom trees! It makes you feel like you were somewhere in Japan. For more information and pictures of this gorgeous street, check our post here. When it comes to these blossoms, they are usually the very last to bloom. So we would say first week of April should be the full bloom and they last around two weeks. If you head there now, you will see them already!
  4. University of Vienna and Sigmund Freud park – there is one very nice cherry blossom tree right at the tram stop Schottentor, as well as a couple of magical white blossom trees in the park in front of the Votive church. Besides here are pink cherry blossoms too, and even the most photographed Magnolia in Vienna. Best shooting time are last two weeks of March. 
  5. Setagaya Japanese garden – where else to expect blossom paradise, if not in the Japanese garden. We wrote about Setagaya park here and one extraordinary post about it is coming up soon, so stay tuned. It is far away from the city center, but it is definitely worth visiting this piece of Japan in the middle of Vienna. The best time to shoot here (in our opinion) is last week of March – first week of April. Then you can capture both cherry blossom and magnolias.
  6. If Rapunzel would stay in Vienna, we are sure she would live exactly here. Just look at this church at Mexikoplatz… It looks like a romantic castle, surrounded by cherry blossom. We discovered this place thanks to lovely Octalita and blogged about it here. And now look closely to the picture below. You see how many leaves there are, mixed with the blossoms? This is because these photos were taken when the blossoms were almost gone and replaced by leaves. From our observation, we would say this is the same case as Hainburger Weg, so late cherry blossoms, that bloom end of March – start of April and last until mid April.

So we guess, this would be more or less it, when it comes to cherry blossoms in Vienna for now. But once we discover some new places, we will update the post. 🙂

Also we strongly advise you to check two great blog post about the most instagrammable blossom trees in Vienna, that Irina wrote. Irina discovered many new cool trees, that we haven’t photographed before. But this year hopefully, we will make it! So part one of Irina’s post is here and part two here.

Enjoy shooting one of the most beautiful scene, that the nature creates! And if you know about some other place with cherry blossoms, magnolias or anything pretty, don’t be selfish and share them with us in the comments. You know how they say – sharing is caring. 😀


Una and Isi

Written by Vienna Insider

Vienna Insider - Lifestyle - Travel blog based in Vienna, Austria. Written by sisters Una and Isidora



Beautiful pictures! I recently moved to Vienna and love discovering new places, I’ll have to see some of your picks 🙂 Great blog!


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