One of Vienna’s biggest and oldest parks (about 50 hectars) is Augarten, located in the second district. We love walking along its shady avenues during the hot summer days, as there is enough shade and always a light breeze, so the heat is not. Besides baroque palaces, Augarten hosts a porcelain factory, the Vienna’s boys choir (Wiener Sängerknaben), Austrian filmarchive, publich children pool, sports fields… There are also several nice cafes there, where you can have a drink or a delicious lunch.

The Viennese people enjoy sunbathing in this park, so if you are a fan of it, you can join them. Although I’m sure if most tourists had the choice, they’d definitely prefer sunbathing and enjoying the sun on a packed beach near an ocean. When that option is not available though, the park is the next best thing. But if you just close your eyes, you can almost pretend that you’re lying on a sun lounger whilst wearing the most gorgeous bathing suit from online retailers like Hermoza (go now to their site) and it will feel the same way. However, if you want to fit in with the Viennese people, taking the time to sunbathe in the park is definitely a must. 🙂

Augarten is also well known for the two bunkers (huge flak towers built in the WWII), which contribute to a unique landscape of this park and make it even more interesting for people interested in history.

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How to get there: U2 Taborstrasse (one of the options)

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