As genuine foodies we are always up for trying out new places in town, especially when it comes to breakfast. Having breakfast (or actually any other meal, not made by our grandma) at home is just too boring. Food tastes better if made by someone else, and consumed in good company, don’t you agree? So that cold Viennese morning we headed with our dear friends to try breakfast at Klyo, the new place in town. And the reason why you are reading these lines now is simply because we really enjoyed the food, design and service at Klyo and hence decided to share this place with you on our blog Vienna Insider. So if you are foodie like us, keep on reading. We will try this time however to be rather concise and not to get distracted by writing a breakfast novel! 🙂

Here are our top 6 reasons why we loved Klyo:

  1. The space has lot of natural light. We simply love interiors like these, because of the whole atmosphere that this light makes. And also because we can take some nice pictures, obviously.
  2. Needless to mention, because you will figure it out through these shots, food at Klyo is very photogenic. And visual addicts eat with their eyes first, right?Just seeing this make us hungry! And thirsty, as the smoothies and juices were top!
  3. All dishes we tried were indeed super delicious, nicely served and made of great quality ingredients. Our top favorites were: the Green and Smoked Breakfast (bread topped with winning combos of deliciousness), Bestseller Juice and Dumplings with Apricots. We also had Protein Pancakes, Raw Schoko Pancakes, which were very delicious too. And a tip for vegans: try Vegan Avocado Cheesecake. Sounds a bit strange but the taste was spot on!The Smoked Breakfast –  one of our savory favorites.Homemade apricot dumplins, a must try in Klyo!
  4. A very nice thing about Klyo is that their focus is healthy and at the same time delicious food. There were many more dishes on their menu which made us feel hungry, so we will have to go back and try them in the future. So if you are into healthy breakfast in Vienna, we are sure you will enjoy this place!Protein vs chocolate pancakes. In the end, we decided to like more the chocolate over healthy version! But both are really great!
  5. Breakfast is served all day long! Perfect place for lazy breakfast fans.…and here are the lazy breakfast fans. 😀
  6. The service was very kind and professional. Quite often sadly the service staff seems like they never tried the dishes they are actually selling, which is a real shame. We love when something from the menu is recommended to us. The staff at Klyo really had great knowledge of the menu and gave us top recommendations on what to try. Also they were friendly and in general very pleasant. Now you think it is just because they probably knew we were bloggers. When someone displays strange picture obsession, no one needs a crystal ball to realize that something related to blogging or Instagraming is going on… 😀 But many of our friends who visited Klyo after we recommended it to them also confirmed us that they had great experience with the service so this point is a proven plus.

Did we end up writing a breakfast novel again? Hope not! 😀 So breakfast hunters, now you know which place you can add up to your list. And a little bird told us that Klyo will have a small Xmas market on their terrace so keep that in mind. 🙂

Una and Isi

Uraniastraße 1, 1010 Wien
+43 1 7105946,
Daily from: 11:00 – 22:30h
How to get there: U1, U4 Schwedenplatz
U1 Nestroyplatz

Written by Vienna Insider

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