Punch scent is in the air, the city is shiny, people mingle everywhere, it is Christmas market time! In this post, we tell you about Vienna’s most delicious Christmas market treats, that you simply cannot miss! Also make sure to check our Vienna Insider Christmas Market Guide here.

For the Viennese December is the busiest month of the year! People are running around hunting for gifts, from one Weihnachtsfeier (Christmas party organized by companies) to another, to Adventfeier (Advent celebrations – yes they are popular too!), and of course to meet their friends at the Christmas market!

My amigas exploring the Xmas market <3 It was so freezing but mulled wine kept us warm!

You will be overwhelmed with the amount of treats you will find at the Christmas market, especially if you are a tourist! So to help you out, here is our list of the most delicious treats!

1. The Massive Stuffed Potato – This is by far our favorite Christmas market treat of all times! That warm potato, stuffed with cheese, ham, corn and topped with some creamy sauce is classic we never miss! Our favorite for many years was Potato Jim from Xmas Market at Rathaus. However last year (2022) our precious Jim was gone. ­čÖü Not sure if it will have its great comeback this year, but our of delicious memory, we will keep the old pictures here.

Unofficial – self proclaimed Potato Jim Ambassadors – my bestie Anja and I ­čśÇ

2. Germkn├Âdel – Now this is an Austrian classic! Warm, steamed bun, filled with Powdl – plum jam, sprinkled with powder sugar and poppz seeds, and gently placed in warm, vanilla sauce or melted butter (go for the butter to try the authentic version). It is soft, divine, warms your heart and makes you feel as if you were somewhere on top of the Alps in a frozen kingdom, enjoying this gentle dessert. Ok, you get we are huuuuuge Germkn├Âdel fans! You will become one too! The best market to try the Germkn├Âdel is the one at Sch├Ânbrunn castle, but you will find them at Uni Campus market too.

My dearest amiga enjoying her Germknoedel

3. Kartoffelkn├Âdel mit Sauerkraut – It is heavy, delicious, and really filling! Another typical Austrian specialty – a potato dumpling, served with sauerkraut, some bacon or crispy pork if you prefer. We usually eat them at Sch├Ânbrunn or Campus market, you won┬┤t find them everywhere. If you like dumplings, but rather opt for some lighter version, go for Sp├Ątzle with melted cheese. This is originally a German specialty, but beloved in Austria too and it is easier to find at the markets.

Yummy dumplings! Because nothing says winter like sauerkraut!

4. Kaiserschmarrn – Kaiser┬┤s favorite! Kaiserschmarrn is a thick, shredded pancake, served with plum or apricot jam, raisins and powder sugar. It is also a typical dessert you cannot miss if you visit Vienna, but the issue is, it takes long to prepare. In traditional cafes, it always takes like 20 minutes or more to make, as it is always done fresh. But we never have the patience for that, so we usually wait for the Xmas market time to enjoy Kaiserschmarrn! If won┬┤t taste as good as at the restaurants, but still it is fluffy and so so good. If Kaiser couldn┬┤t resist it, you won┬┤t be able to neither! We also eat it at Sch├Ânbrunn (our favorite market, but you will most likely find it elsewhere too!).

5. Langos – Follow the garlic scent, to reach your nearest Langos stand! A Hungarian specialty, Austrians absolutely love! And so do we! It is like a huge, flat doughnut, freshly fried and smeared with some garlic butter and salt. You can of course have it without garlic, but it will never be the same! It makes sense to sacrify your breath for this deliciousness. To kill the odor, have something sweet immediately after it. xD Warning – obviously avoid Langos if you are on a date!

Anja holding the garlicy grail of Xmas markets xD

So these are our top 5 must try treats! But also delicious are Bauernkrapfen – big doughnuts with jam, waffles, especially the ones on the stick, soups or goulash served in bread bowl, so called Baumkuchen, little fried doughnuts in chocolate, Kartoffelpuffer – like a potato pancake, different types of sausages… If you are into all things organic, then make sure to go to Karlsplatz market as all food and drinks sold there are organically certified.

A dear memory of enjoying the Xmas markets with my dearest Mexican girls

Speaking of drinks needless to say, you got to drink punch (there are many sorts of punch, but we are massive fans of Beerenpunch – punch with berries) and mulled wine!

And what is your favorite Xmas market treat? Share with me in the comments!

Indulge the treats and enjoy exploring all the Christmas markets of Vienna!



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