Last December we were invited to a superb dinner at Kuchlmasterei – recently renovated restaurant in the third district of Vienna with an unusual name. Prior to indulging into extraordinary specialties and wine tasting, we have enjoyed taking pictures of the interior of this gorgeous venue. What we loved the most were comfortable armchairs, of all shapes and sizes, bright colors and numerous beautiful details, which give this place a luxurious and yet pleasant, homey feel. Opposite to the common trend, this restaurant has several rooms and the tables are spaciously arranged, which creates an intimate atmosphere, where you can enjoy the food and company, without being forced to hear what someone else is talking about at the table next to you.

The four course dinner itself was excellent. Both the taste, as well as presentation were immaculate. Besides great food, Kuchlmasterei is a perfect choice for wine lovers. We had the chance to see their impressive wine cellar and try a different wine with every course we had.
Last but not the least, we need to mention the professional and super friendly service of Kuchlmasterei team, who made us feel very welcome and truly enjoy the evening.

We can warmly recommend you Kuchlmasterei as the perfect choice, to celebrate some special occasions with great wine and food, or simply to reward yourself or someone you love, with an exquisite meal and pleasure for all the senses.

Enjoy the pictures and share with us your impressions if you happen to visit this remarkable restaurant!

Una and Isidora


Address: Obere Weißgerberstraße 6, 1030 Vienna
*closed on Sundays and Mondays


Beef tatare and waffles filled with salmon cream


Scallop with mushrooms

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Beef steak with pumpkin and chestnut puree


Superb Schwarzwald-cake-like dessert


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