Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating today! We are wishing you to a wonderful day with your beloved ones. <3
The best thing about holidays for us is that they are bringing us together with the family and the people we love, around some good food. So what is not to love about them! Our Christmas is actually on the 6th of January, but since our great grandma was Catholic, our grandma always makes a special lunch on this day. So in a certain way, we get to celebrate Christmas twice, isn’t that nice?! 🙂

Enjoy the festive atmosphere from the streets of Vienna! We love the Viennese Christmas decorations, but it is in a way a bit sad that they are the same every single year. But who knows maybe next one they will add at least something new so that we can make different pictures. We know, it is probably only us photography lovers, who are disturbed by this trend. How do you feel about it? 🙂

Una and Isi


Written by Vienna Insider

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