Neusiedl lake is a perfect destination close to Vienna, if you feel tired of the city vibes. In just 40 minutes ride, there you are, at a beautiful lake, covered in a blanket, sipping tea and enjoying a delicious, warm apple pie! Sounds great, right? The maritime atmosphere, cold breeze, serenity and splendid view from the cafe Mole West at the coast will make you feel relaxed and energized. This is a nice place even to go alone, after the work is done, if you need some time for yourself and your thoughts. This was however not the case with us, as we were in great company with our lovely friends. It is indeed precious to have the chance to travel around with the people you care about, discover new places and make wonderful memories together. <3

We are hoping that you will like the pictures! If you are looking for more nice places to visit at Neusiedl lake, check out the post here, which we published back in spring.

Una and Isi

Mole West
Address: Seegelände 9, 7100 Neusiedl am See
Tel: +43 2167/20205
For opening times click here

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