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Isidora’s outfit: Jumpsuit (Zara), Shoes (Miu Miu), Sunglasses (Ray Ban)

This red jumpsuit from Zara has been one of my favorite summer picks. Perfect for hot days and very easy to style, this was my choice for all of those occasions where you are in a rush and have no idea what to wear. What do you think of jumpsuits?

So far our vacation has been very busy and fun. We have been traveling around Serbia (we have a lot of pictures to share with you, but little time at the moment to make the posts) with our friends, meeting family, dear people here in Belgrade, eating a lot (which is very bad, but well we can’t help it 😀 ) and simply enjoying our time at home. We also had some visitors from abroad! It was such a huge pleasure to show them around Belgrade. So in case you are stopping by and wondering how to spend your time in Belgrade, just email us, or contact us via Facebook, or Instagram, where we are posting daily! 🙂


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