Night owls like myself know how hard it is to get up early. But for the sake of taking pictures of Vienna waking up, as the sun was rising on one beautiful morning at the end of summer, you sometimes have to make an effort and transform in an early bird. We were planning this for months, but in the end, I decided to spare my little sister Isi and let her get her beauty sleep, while I was going around Vienna at 7 a.m, with a camera like a total psycho. Long story short, this experience was so worth the effort and I regret I didn’t do it before. But better late than never. ­čÖé Shooting city pictures early in the morning is not only great as there are no tourists or crowds around. There is so much more to it. The morning light, giving those beautiful shades and colors, and the walk itself in that calm setting is so relaxing and beautiful. It makes you more observant to the surroundings, people and what they do, and all together makes you enjoy photography even more.
People going to work, school, all those fancy people riding bicycles, smiles or strange looks some people take on you once they realize you are there simply for the sake of the pictures, the traffic, empty silent streets, just thousands of beautiful scenes are flashing in front of your eyes while walking around. The scent of freshly baked pastries spreading from the bakery as Vienna is waking up to welcome tourists, and all of its inhabitants. And then there is me and my camera (for those of you who keep asking about my equipment, it is my new baby – Canon 5d Mark III with a Canon 24-105 mm lens) capturing all these ordinary scenes. Not only because I want to share them on our beloved blog Vienna Insider, but also because I want to capture memories of this city that three years ago used to be abroad and today, I believe I know it better than any other city out there. Vienna and I are now almost family, held by┬ámany bonds and beautiful memories captured in thousands of pictures.




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