If you are visiting Vienna at this time of the year, it can be overwhelming to choose among different Christmas markets, as there are about 12 of them around the city. Many of them offer quite the same content, both in terms of food as well as souvenirs and other things you can get there.

Our favorite is definitely the Christmas market in Schoenbrunn. What we love the most about this market is first of all the amount of space you have to stroll around. The stands are arranged in a circle, and there is plenty of space for pretty much everyone, no matter how many people may be there at the moment. The second thing we love here is the offer of items sold, which differs a lot from the other markets in the city. There are many stands selling handicrafts made in smaller workshops, stands from sellers from different parts of Europe (Italian sausages and delicacies, gorgeous notebooks and stationary from Budapest, to name a few) along with numerous products from smaller Austrian businesses, which really give you an impression of authentic goods, not mass production stuff. The gorgeous surroundings of the palace in front of the market, gives some of the imperial atmosphere. In terms of food, there are many delicious options to choose from. Some of our favorites are waffles, stuffed potatoes, apple rings and of course punch. If you pick punch, try the one from Landtmann‘s stand (one of the most famous traditional patisserie in Vienna). It is very tasty and you really feel the rum. Despite the fact that this market is not quite centrally located, as the other ones in the first district, we highly advise you to check it out, especially if you want to buy some nice souvenirs.

What is your favorite Christmas market in Vienna?


Una and Isi

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Try the poppy seed liqueur from this stand (from the entrance to the market, turn to the right), it is exquisite! 🙂

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