Let us tell you the story about our favorite tea place in Vienna. It all started last year with Irina – a lovely, creative being, Spanish teacher, master Instagrammer and blogger (check her gorgeous gallery here and blog here). On our way back home from an Instameet, we stopped by Westbahnhof and Irina took me (Una) to Teastories, where I could finally try super delicious Vanilla latte she was previously telling me about. I love anything with vanilla so Vanilla latte was totally my kind of drink – milky, not too sweet, but still very flavorful, cold and refreshing. So of course after this pleasant experience, soon I returned to Teastories with my partner in crime.

Isi and I started testing all those tea sorts on offer, as well as reached for the little treasures displayed in the Tealibrary. We loved the unique names of the tea sorts – coconut kiss, apple of my eye, freespirit, cookie dough… Another tea mix, name, scent, flavor, another story. A tea story indeed, that we had to share on our blog! We were very happy to meet lovely Karina during our visits to Teastories, who together with her brother, started this business story. It is always inspiring for us to meet young, passionate people who have the courage and determination to start their own business and go after their dreams. We really love Teastories, not just because of the super tasty tea, their huge offer and the atmosphere. What we deeply appreciate about it is the amount of creativity, love, attention to detail and positive energy, that the main actors of this story invested in their business. Their passion is visible wherever you look – in the cute little packages with motivational messages, in the clean, bright and professional design of the store, the friendly way they talk to the customers, the gorgeous pictures they create for their Instagram profile and of course, in every cup of tea. And this dedication adds that special something, that makes us return to Teastories over and over again.

We are looking forward to see how this story unfolds and to trying out all those tea flavors from the Tealibrary!
So far, we definitely recommend you to try our current favorites – Vanilla latte, coconut kiss and don pistachio. You are welcome to share yours with us! 🙂

Una and Isi


At the moment, there are two Teastories stores in Vienna:
Location 1: Bahnhofcity, Europaplatz 2 (Shopping mall within Westbahnhof, where we took these pictures)
Location 2: Spitalgasse 13-15, 1090 Vienna
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

PS: Not a sponsored post.

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