Snowy Vienna, it is a precious scene that I don’t get to experience every year. I really love snow, but for some reason, wherever I happen to be, it doesn’t snow. And it starts snowing as soon as I leave the place, which makes me go nuts. Because there is nothing I enjoy in winter more, than shooting on the fresh snow. Last year I missed all snowy days in Vienna, and after I was sure this year will be the same, I finally got lucky! My friend Sisi and I were enjoying a delicious Persian lunch at our favorite Pars, when I received a phone call. It was my dear Alex who called to check if I am already out, shooting (yes, all my friends know about my jinx and snow obsession :D). We were luckily done with lunch and almost ran out from the restaurant. It felt like Xmas miracle, the city was transformed in winter wonderland! And all that happened while we were having lunch, can you imagine?! Within an hour. You see, how things can change in no time…

This was one of the most beautiful snowy days in my life, and when it comes to Vienna, the most beautiful without a doubt. I was running around with Sisi, shooting every street we passed through, as if eternal summer is starting tomorrow. I wished only I had more time to enjoy these perfect snowflakes, slowly falling and creating the most beautiful winter scenery. Just take a look at these pictures and tell me, how to resist snowy Vienna? The city looked completely magical. And no snowflakes here were photoshoped. All 100% n a t u r a l!

Hope you will enjoy my snowy snapshots. I guess this was it for this winter. Hopefully my snowy spell is broken now and I get to do some really cool shooting next time Vienna is covered in white. <3


Written by Vienna Insider

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Thank you for the lovely pictures of Vienna in winter. I am planning to be in Vienna for the Christmas markets this year before heading on to the UK. I do hope it snows when I’m there – in Australia at Christmas its a heatwave!

Art Vandelay

Beautiful photos, absolutely amazing! I had the privilege of experiencing the magic of snow in Vienna in 1995, unfortunately I have not been back to Vienna since then and it is a wish of mine, so thank you for these photos!

Vienna Insider

Thank you for the kind words! Really happy to hear that you enjoyed these pictures. Hope you will visit Vienna in the near future! Kind regards, Una, Vienna Insider Editor in Chief

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