It was a magical day with my favorite anthropologists Senka and Spoki, that started with a delicious picnic and boat ride at Laxenburg. After our shootings and chill in this gorgeous park, we headed towards our final destination – Kreuzenstein castle. We were so excited to visit this beautiful medieval castle, at the top of a hill overlooking the village Leobendorf, located just a few minutes ride from Vienna. But as it often happens, once you are really looking forward to something, something goes wrong. It took us a while to get through the traffic jam in Vienna and until we found our way to the castle, park the car and walk up to the castle. We reached the gates and didn’t manage to go further because… the castle was closed! It felt like one of those “welcome to Austria” moments, when you realize there is no space for spontaneous trips, you need to plan every single step in order to make a simple thing like visiting a tourist destination happen. We all come from a country where everything is open 24/7 and even after being in Vienna for a long time, on that day we kind of forgot where we are living and it didn’t occur us at all that this lovely castle will already be closed at 4 p.m. Despite we were really disappointed for not being able to discover it from the inside, we took lots of pictures around the castle and treated ourselves with some coffee at a medieval style restaurant called Burgtaverne Kreuzenstein, right next to it. Luckily this place was still open! At 4 p.m! We couldn’t believe it! 😛 If you happen to visit (I mean really visit the castle), I really advise you to have a meal or at least a drink at this cute restaurant. It was full of local people who went there to eat (we were already so full from our picnic menu), but I could tell, based on what I saw that the food there should be very delicious.

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Long story short, there are several lessons from this experience my dear readers that I would like to share with you 🙂

  • There is a gorgeous place called Kreuzenstein castle close to Vienna. Based on the outside impressions and the landscapes surrounding it, I can warmly recommend you to check it out. It seems like a perfect place for a daily excursion.
  • Always check the opening times. Especially if you are living in Austria!
  • Even if things don’t go as you planned, don’t let this spoil your trip. Make sure to travel with fun people you love, have car full of food and a spare battery for your camera. Because if you have fun, are not hungry and can take hundreds of pictures, you will for sure have an amazing time and make many lovely memories!

That is what we did, after “kissing” the gates of Kreuzenstein castle. We turned our back to it, headed to first to the golden fields, took lots of pictures, had fun, got hungry again and had one more round of picnic in the potato field, enjoying magical sunset and the view to the castle. It was one more day that proved that once you are in great company, nothing can actually go wrong.

This post is dedicated to my girls Senka and Spoki. <3


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