Just around 20km South from the center of Vienna, in a little town Laxenburg you will encounter the most charming park with a lake and a small castle Franzensburg. If you, as we did, visit this fairy-tale place during the week, you will definitely get the best of it, since there will be very few people around and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. The silence will only be interrupted by the singing birds.
Explore the beautiful landscape and take the unpaved paths to discover lovely pavilions in the middle of the woods. Take a boat ride on a lake surrounding the castle. Take your time to relax, get tanned and just feel happy on this magical place. After the ride, walk to the island, have a drink in the cafe before taking the tour of the interiors of Franzensburg castle.

Franzensburg and its surroundings are definitely one of the most charming, romantic places we have ever visited in Austria! The location is perfect for a short excursion since it is so close to Vienna, and we warmly recommend you to check it out.

Una and Isi

Tourist Information
Tickets: The entrance to the park is 2 Euros, and for museum-castle visit and more info, please check the official website by clicking here.
Opening hours: the park is open every day, all year long


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