Tewa at Naschmarkt is a great choice if you are very hungry, but still want to have something healthy. We went here first time with our friend Borjana and really liked the place. The portions are quite generous, the food organic and super delicious. Their hummus  is delicious, so whenever eating at Tewa, we order some dish with it. They also have many options for vegetarians. At Tewa you can even order an organic beer, a range of organic juices, lemonades and delicious smoothies. Their mango lassi is quite popular and we must admit, really good!
In Hebrew, Tewa means “nature” and matches the philosophy of this restaurant, which stands for natural, regionally supplied, organic and fresh ingredients. It was opened in 2007 by Mr. Eli Kaikov, the owner of an organic store “Biowelt” at Naschmarkt.

What is your favorite restaurant at Naschmarkt?

Have a wonderful day and thanx a lot for stopping by!

Una and Isi

Tewa at Naschmarkt
Open every day from 07-24h
How to get there: U4 Kettenbruckengasse

tewa naschmarkt

Tewa’s Grilled Chicken

tewa naschmarkt falafel vienna

Tewa’s Falafel


Tewa’s Bolitos

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