One of the architectural treasures of Leopoldstadt, the Viennese second district is St. Francis of Assi – a fairytale-like church at Mexikoplatz. This gorgeous church reminds me of a castle. Everytime I look at its towers, I imagine Rapunzel at the window, with her beautiful hair… Yes, this place would be the perfect location for a shooting with my real-life Rapunzel muse, but I doubt that the church people would like that idea. 😀

Back in April (time flies!), I took a walk around Mexikoplatz with Octalita, an incredibly sweet Indonesian girl I met thanks to Instagram. You really need to have a look at Octalita’s gorgeous gallery! She is one of my favorite Viennese Instagrammers. I love the style and positive atmosphere of her pictures. It was Octalita that first discovered the blossom beauty of Mexikoplatz, and was so kind to visit this place again with me. We had a lovely time chatting and snapping pictures of the blossoms on one sunny morning.


By the way, in case you are wondering, there is nothing Mexican, like food or shops at this square (at least not that I saw them). Mexikoplatz got its name back in 1956, to honor the support Mexico gave to Austria in 1938. Namely, Mexico was the only country in the world that protested annexation of Austria on the part of Nazi Germany.
If you are looking for something Mexican, then my friends, you should go to Los Mexicas, the best and most authentic Mexican restaurant in Vienna! Its authenticity is proven by our best Mexican friend, so you shouldn’t have any doubts. Also Santos is our second favorite Mexican restaurant in Vienna. Or you can also go to the Casa Mexico the seventh district and get a “chipotle dulce”. That is our all time favorite sauce! In case you know other Mexican places in the city, please share them with us. We loooove anything de Mexico!

And now back to Mexikoplatz, it is already May and the blossoms are gone… But nevertheless, if you like architecture and nice churches, you will certainly enjoy a little stroll around this square, which is also nearby Danube banks. I can already tell that this place must look stunning at sunset, when the sun paints this fairytale church in warm shades of gold.




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