Looking great, tasting even better, a tart is always a good idea. Tart’a Tata is a charming, traditional french bakery, making delicious little tarts and pastries. Located in the seventh district (Lindengasse – parallel to Mariahilfestrasse) Tart’a Tata is a true insider place, where you will hardly find any tourists. The customers are all local Viennese people, and we often get to have a small talk with some of them, while indulging in our tarts. Through these talks, we found out that many customers praise the lemon and chocolate tart. So far, we can confirm that the chocolate tart is great! As well as the blueberry one. And we will try the lemon next time, despite the fact that citrus related desserts are on our black list (of the very few things we actually don’t like). But you never know before you try, so we will give the lemon tart a chance!

How about you? What is your favorite tart?

Una and Isi

Tart’a Tata
Address: Lindengasse 35, 1070 Vienna
Facebook, Website
How to get there: take off at U3 Neubaugasse and then walk a few minutes to the Lindengasse, which is the parallel street to Mariahilfestrasse.

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