So many of you loved our blog post about the most Instagrammable cafes in Vienna, so today it is time to show you a few more picture perfect Viennese cafes, that I got to visit during CEWE Instawalk, together with a few other fellow bloggers. Probably everyone already knows CEWE,  but just in case you dear reader don’t – CEWE is the largest European company that specializes in digital print. They print photographs, posters, all sorts of photo gifts and my personal favorite of them all – the photo books. I love creating CEWE photo books after almost every trip Isi and I go to, it is such a beautiful memory of all our adventures! CEWE photo book also makes a perfect gift for my special friends, of whom, as you can imagine for someone being a photographer (and having like terabytes of pictures of my closest people :D), I have so many pictures. After years of friendships, I love to put all that together in a visual story.

Now CEWE invited us, the Viennese Instagrammers -bloggers (, @sophiehearts, @frankly.alina, @meanwhileinawsometown, @julesvogel  and @vanillaholica) for an Instawalk and to take pictures in photogenic cafes around town. Our best works have been collected and printed in the brand new product CEWE FOTOBUCH Pure. It is really quick and easy to create CEWE FOTOBUCH Pure through the application that you can download here. Once you get the app, all you need to do is to select 22 pictures right from your phone, add some text if you want (to personalize the book, for me this step is a must!) and that’s it. Your memories, will arrive in a few days, printed in this elegant square book. Also what I appreciate a lot is that CEWE print has a sustainability certificate. Stay tuned until the end of this post to see how you can win a CEWE FOTOBUCH Pure! 🙂

It is time to show you the picture perfect Viennese cafes! Off we go!


We already wrote about Ulrich, like aaaaages ago. It is located on my favorite square in the 7th district -St.Ulrichs Platz. They have such a cozy garden, super tasty and photogenic food. Also the service is friendly, relaxed and quick! I love this place for breakfast, they have so many delicious dishes, such as breakfast sandwiches, porridge, vegan breakfast (tried it recently and it is really top!), as well as pancakes. Breakfast and brunch hunters, go to Ulrich and I guarantee you will enjoy.

2. Burggasse 24

Another gem located at the St.Ulrichs square, Burggasse 24 is a vintage cafe and shop in one. Just look at those marble tables, carpets, and vintage atmosphere. My favorite corner was definitely this gorgeous swing in the garden. Picture perfect, cozy, perfect for the sunny days. I still got to try their breakfast, but from what I have seen on other tables, it looked delish!

Thanks a lot to dear @kadyinvienna for taking this picture of me! <3

And for this shot, I thank to dear Michael @pruegl.

3. La Mercerie

Skipping La Mercerie on our CEWE Instawalk would be a real sin! You could already read about our love for this gorgeous French cafe-bakery in the 9th district here. So this is just to reinforce its picture perfect attributes. I have to say, in the meantime we did discover better croissants then these ones, but they are still super delicious, the caramel cream is to die for, and the atmosphere is unique. It is one of those cafes that you can never get tired from! For some (funny) food flatlay tips, created right here in La Mercerie, check our Instagram highlights. 🙂

Thanks for the modeling beauty @frankly.alina

CEWE FOTOBUCH Pure for you!

In order to win a CEWE FOTOBUCH Pure, you should:

  1. Leave a comment below this blog post.
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And that’s it! The best thing is that there will be 3 winners, that I will pick using tools. Everything will be transparent, as always, and shown on live Insta stories, next Sunday, so May 6th. Good luck everyone! <3

UPDATE: The giveaway winners, as picked by and shown on our Instagram stories, are comments with number: 1. Ivana, 4. Jelena and 5.Liana. Congrats girls, I will send you the vouchers tonight! <3 Thanks a lot everyone for participating, there will be more giveaways soon!



This post was done in a friendly collaboration with CEWE.

Written by Vienna Insider

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Omg, I’d love to win the photobook. There are so many digital pictures which I never develop and I should! Memories are sometimes more precious when on paper. ?

Vienna Insider

True story! I also need to make much more of them. Having all those pictures only in digital form would be a pity. You never know what can happen, despite all the backups. So paper is more secure. 😀

Darron Mould

I’ve seen Vienna cafés in winter and would love to see them in summer.


I wish my eyes could take photos ? the best kind of present is the one letting your memories become alive, at least like this! Would love to win it! ❣️


I’d like to know all of these nice places!


The best kind of present is the one letting your memories go alive, like this one! Would love to get it! ???


I love printing out photos, it makes them more real when you get to hold them in your hands!


Wow i just came across your blog and I really love it! especially this post ist one of my favourites and i’ll definitely try out one of the mentioned foodspots soon!! I would love to win one photo book, as I feel like we often tend to forget moments if we only capture them on our phones and I just love the feeling of holding a picture and therefore a memory in my hands – maybe you can understand this feeling too ?

Abbe HSU

I always like to take pictures for keeping the memories alive. Me and my boyfriend who lives in Vienna are having a long distance relationship. We always try to see each other at least 1-2 times a year. Because of this, I’ve visited Vienna for 4 times and it’s also the reason I FOUND YOUR ACCOUNT ON IG 🙂 Anyway, when we meet up, we try to take as many pictures as we can, so we have something to see when we miss each other. We will be super happy if we can win the CEWE Fotobook.
BTW, I like every of your Posts!!

Vienna Insider

Thank you so much for all the nice words! We are very happy to hear that you enjoy our posts! Hope you will visit your boyfriend in Vienna soon <3 Good luck in winning the photo book!!! <3


Beautiful photos as always ♡ Been to all of these cafes but never managed to take a nice enough picture due to so many people (and also shyness) :’D I also have terabytes of photos stored anywhere possible haha, would be great to put some of them together and get them printed into a photobook like that 🙂

Vienna Insider

Thanks a lot dear! Don’t be shy, I think Vienna people are already so used to crazy Instagrammers, so no one pays attention anymore. 😀 Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck! <3

Thao Nguyen

I have been staying in Vienna for almost 2 years and have never visited these cafe before? Where.. on earth have I gone to ^^ (?) Definitely save the places to hangout with my friends next time 😉
Regarding to the Cewe photobook, it would be super nice to win one.. if not, I will still order one for my own… ? I didnt know there is such printing service with reasonable price like this here in Vienna. Anyway.. Thanks for your suggestion… and perfect pictures ♡

Vienna Insider

These three are really a must visit, especially now that the weather is warm! Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you win the photo book! Good luck!


So many beautiful places, but I hardly have time to visit these days. But thanks to your suggestions I know where to take my man out for our anniversary – breakfast at Burggasse 24 and then (because he has a big appetite) and then stroll at Setagaya Park (because he likes nature and hasn’t been there yet I think ?). And, because good things go in 3, I must say he likes photo memories as well ?


Love those places! Thank you that you are helping us to love Vienna more and more ? You are my fav! ?


Thanks for this post, our dearest Serbian sisters. Like always, great and useful information followed by wonderful fotos! You made my day! :*

Vienna Insider

Thanks a lot for reading dear and for all the nice words! Comments like these are our best reward! xoxo, Una and Isi :***


Wow! Cooler Blog und sehr hilfreich, wie immer! Va supertolle Infos! Das mit dem Fotobuch find ich eine echt praktische Idee; es sind immer so viele Bilder, die dann in Vergessenheit geraten und wir durch die Fotobücher eig schnell wieder hervor rufen können. Oder als Idee den letzten gemeinsamen Urlaub mit dem Freund fest zu halten und ihm als Erinnerung zu schenken! Du hast mir jetzt einen Denkanstoß gegeben! Hoffe daher, eine der Gewinnerinen sein zu können! 🙂


This post is amazing and very useful as well. Thank you so much for this beautiful fotos! Keep on! 😉

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