The girl who never gives up

Pretty much we all know her, that one girl that never gives up. That one apparently ordinary girl, that is daily taking small steps to reach her dreams. From hardships, numerous obstacles and battles to fight, to victories and up the stars. The road is not easy, but she never gives up. While living our… Read more »

Summer in Austria: Visiting Fuschlsee

Slowly floating at the sapphire blue water, enjoying the picturesque views, soaking the sun and crisp mountain air… Well that is what expects the visitors of Fuschlsee, or lake Fuschl. Can you believe that the water of this lake has drinking quality? Lake Fuschl is the cleanest and clearest lake of them all in the… Read more »

What to eat and do on a rainy summer day in Vienna

What to eat and do on a rainy summer day in Vienna? Summer rainy days – are you team yay or nay? For us it is a big yay! Some cooling off can never harm, especially in the city. Today we share some tips and inspiration for rainy days, and even though our focus is… Read more »

What to do on a hot day in Vienna?

What to do on a hot day in Vienna? Surviving summer in the city is often a challenge, especially in a city like Vienna where most flats lack (much needed) air conditioner. But there is still a lot to do to freshen up and spend a productive day, so here we go with our tips!… Read more »

One and only Windmill in Austria – We discover you where to find it!

Eager for some Holland vibes? Well today we are revealing you where to find one and only windmill in Austria! Ok, if you Google it, it seems like there is one more in the north of the country… But based on what is written on the website the well known Windmühle in small village Podersdorf,… Read more »

Take a Swim: Top Pools, Lakes and Ponds in and around Vienna

Surviving summer in the city is not easy. Especially in a city like Vienna, where 98 percent of the flats have no AC… Even if you want to buy it on your own, you will most likely get a big, fat NO from your landlord. The best way to cool off in those cases is… Read more »

Top 10 places in Vienna to chill this summer

Good weather is here and so are our tips for top 10 places in Vienna to chill this summer!  This time I have just some brief tips for you, so that you have weekend inspiration. Come back for pictures a bit later, I need some time to locate all of them on my hard disc!… Read more »

Where to find Cherry Blossom in Vienna

When is the cherry blossom time in Vienna? When can I see cherry blossoms, where to find cherry blossom in Vienna, when do Magnolias in Vienna bloom… These are the questions we have been getting each spring, so of course, we had to write a blog post for all of you blossom hunters out there!… Read more »

Spring Guide: Magnolia Trees in Vienna

Most people are eager for spring because of the sun, in my case the main reason are blossoming trees! I am literally obsessed with magnolia trees, cherry blossom, fruit trees, lilac, the list is endless. From mid March I start checking for the first signs of blossoms around the city, wait for them to open… Read more »

Top 3 razloga da posetite Svetosavski Bal

Da li ste nekada posetili Svetosavski bal? Verujem da malo ko nije čuo za ovu manifestaciju, koja je započeta još u 19-tom veku. Više o njenom istorijatu se možete informisati ovde. Ove godine, po prvi put u istoriji, Svetosavski bal se organizuje u dobrotvorne svrhe, od strane sjajnih mladih ljudi koji stoje iza Srpskog centra…. Read more »

  • Bliss

    Hello everyone! The new fashion post is finally here! We took these pictures in the garden surrounding the castle Franzensburg in Laxenburg, a little town nearby Vienna (a special post about this gorgeous place is coming soon so stay tuned 🙂 ). White is probably my favorite color to wear, matches anything and makes your… Read more »

  • Keep calm and visit Belgrade

    Let’s say, you are living in Vienna, and the weekend is coming up. You would love to travel somewhere, experience something new, party, meet people, but booking a flight ticket, hotel, looking for the appropriate location and all those things require a lot of time management. Plus, it can be pretty damaging for your wallet…. Read more »

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Beijing

    Hello everyone! As you may know, we recently returned from Beijing, where we had amazing time. Today we prepared for you a list of our top 10 things to do in Beijing. Off we go, we are hoping that you will like our suggestions and pictures! 1. Walk around Tian’an Men Square and the Forbidden City Located… Read more »

  • Postcard from Beijing

    Ni hao everyone with a postcard from Beijing! Our blog has been silent for a long time, due to our trip to China. Unfortunatelly, we couldn’t access our blog Vienna Insider in Beijing, so we weren’t able to report you live from our trip. We were really sorry about that, because we would love to have some… Read more »

  • Stadtpark Spring Edition

    There are many beautiful parks in Vienna, where you can hang out and enjoy the sun in warm spring days. One of them is Stadtpark, an English landscape garden, just a couple of minutes walk from the very center of Vienna (or if you are taking the subway, it is U4 stop Stadtpark). After the… Read more »

  • Sakai – taste of Japan

    After our post from Setagayapark, we decided to continue with the Japanese theme and introduce you Sakai – an extraordinary restaurant in the 8th district, where you can indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine. Last week, we had a huge pleasure to meet dear ViennaEats – our favorite foodie in Vienna, for lunch (we warmly advise you to… Read more »

  • Setagaya Japanese garden in Vienna

    Konnichiwa minna-san! Welcome to Setagaya Japanese garden in the 19th district of Vienna! The cultural exchange between Doebling, the 19th Viennese district, and Setagaya – a suburb of Tokyo, resulted among other, in the creation of this beautiful oasis. The best time of the year to visit Setagaya Japanese garde is undeniably early spring, when… Read more »

  • Tart’a Tata

    Looking great, tasting even better, a tart is always a good idea. Tart’a Tata is a charming, traditional french bakery, making delicious little tarts and pastries. Located in the seventh district (Lindengasse – parallel to Mariahilfestrasse) Tart’a Tata is a true insider place, where you will hardly find any tourists. The customers are all local Viennese people, and… Read more »

  • Podersdorf – Weekend Getaway

    We have been eagerly waiting for the warm weather to start visiting the beautiful regions in the surroundings of Vienna. Last Sunday, we headed to the little town of Podersdorf at Neusiedler Lake. Just 40km away from Vienna, the national park and UNESCO heritage site Neusiedlersee is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. Neusiedler… Read more »

  • Blooming Skirt

    Happy Saturday everyone! This is an outfit I wore while last time when I was in our summer house, at Palic lake in the North of Serbia. The day was sunny and beautiful, so I could finally wear my new blooming skirt that I ordered from Sheinside. This is the first time that we are… Read more »